Welcome to Koreatown

Destroyed my wheel and splashed tar all over the wheel well … not sure if they just badly filled it but felt like it bottomed out.

Date: Sept.  4 at 12 a.m.

Location: Western Ave. between 8th + W9th Street

Size: Big enough that it gouged my tire and scraped my rim.

Length of time the pothole has been there: We never drove in this area before so I don’t know.

I found the location on Google Maps, a street level photo dated July 2015, at 983 Western Ave., and it looks like possibly the one.

If so, it’s definitely worse now.

Crappy LA streets.

Tim Geoghegan

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  1. I have had to repair two tires because of a pot hole at the corner of Stocker and LaBrea my tires are $301.00 each I have my receipts
    My cell # 310.806.3158

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