West L.A. Alleyway Headache

The attached pics are from a pothole in the alleyway behind Darlington Ave. between Barrington and Granville; Zip 90049. The hole measures 6 feet by 4 feet with a gradient depth of over 1 foot. I have called and e-mailed as have neighbors. This pothole has been patched but never properly repaired for the last few years. It is a real problem for the people who must drive through the alley.

I appreciate whatever help you can supply. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Mauvi Bauer

Mauvi: I assume you have called the Bureau of Street Services, as well as e-mailing them and filing a complaint at their website. If you have, call, e-mail and file a complaint again — but this time indicating to them that if a car hits the pothole and loses control, it could damage property as well as any pedestrians in the alley or nearby. They are very sensitive to the possibility of law suits arising from unattended potholes. Have you called your councilperson’s field office? You might also e-mail him as well as the mayor, if you already haven’t. One last thought — alleys are not a priority given that the city is so backlogged with street repairs. Good luck — and happy New Year.