South Pasadena/L.A. Pothole Dispute

This location is in the city of Los Angeles. The whole street belongs to the city of Los Angeles. In the fourth picture, the building next to the white vehicle is an auto repair shop. I spoke with the owner and he said the city of South Pasadena and Los Angeles have been disputing the responsibility for this huge pothole. On 12/24/11, as I exited this driveway, the front end of my Audi sank in the pothole that was filled with water, causing $1,000 in damages, snapping my drive belt pulley. I also needed a new skid plate and motor mount. I filed a claim with South Pasadena, which they denied because they said the street belongs to Los Angeles. I filed a claim with L.A., but they denied it. To this day the pothole remains the same. Date: 12/31/11 Location: 1000 Kendall Ave., South Pasadena; the street up to the curb is the city of Los Angele’s Approx. size: very big and deep Length of time it’s been there: 7 years or longer From:  René Uribe

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  1. i went to bureau of street services yesterday 1/16/13 to request the street maintenance records for the block where the pot is and i was told i had to obtain the records from the city attorneys office

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