Alley Oop


Do alleys count as rough roads? We think so, especially if you have to drive through one to get to a parking lot or to the back of a store. Here’s a great one that’s been in a sad state of disrepair for more years than we can remember: the alley on the SouthWest side of La Cienega and Pico, between a Shell gas station and the strip mall that houses the Versailles Cuban Restaurant. You take your life in your hands with this one.

LA Potholes
The streets of L.A. are a mess. In some heavily trafficked neighborhoods it seems as if you can’t go a block without hitting a pothole or a rough stretch of road. The right lanes on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile in both West and East directions, Third Street between Rossmore and La Brea, Sunset Boulevard between La Brea and Vine, Beverly between La Cienega and San Vicente, Olympic between Spaulding and Century Park East, Pico Boulevard from Century City to Sawtelle, just to name a few.

Time to fight back.

Let’s give City Hall a message: Fix our streets.

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