Terrible Road Damage and Flooding: A Letter to the Mayor:

Mr. Mayor,

I live right off an alleyway south of Melrose between Poinsettia and Fuller. It’s the alleyway behind The Darkroom Bar and Floyds Barbershop. I have been complaining for a long long time to Public Works and the bureau of street services about the terrible road damage in front of our unit, and have never gotten a response or any action.

This needs to be looked at immediately. And fixed. Too long have we had terrible potholes at the entrance to our house, and too long have they been flooded by even minimal rain. Last night it rained for maybe an hour, and look what it did (see attachments). It’s damaging our cars, it’s damaging our house (from mud and debris people track in), and it’s damaging our neighborhood. Some of the potholes are 5 inches deep!

Please, I beg you, please get this simple thing taken care of. We need the road resurfaced. It looks like a third world country outside my house.