Thank You, Mayor Villaraigosa

It’s been more thanĀ  a year since I’ve updated L.A. Potholes — there’s so many new potholes and wrecked streets in L.A. that I just about gave up trying to document them. And the streets just keep getting worse. A perfect example: the intersection of Franklin and Whitley in Hollywood. This has to be one of the worst intersections in the city (no, strike that, Exposition and 37th Street near USC is the worst); there’s a major dip there with potholes, ruts, and broken concrete that makes driving through the intersection an epic adventure at anything over 5 MPH. Several calls to the City have been to no avail. Up in the hills there’s a street that has so many ripples, potholes and broken concrete that a year-old motor mount in a friend’s Mini Cooper was so stressed that it had to be replaced.


Thank You, Mayor Villaraigos!