Cahuenga and Fountain


Here’s a nice pothole just at the NorthEast portion of the intersection of Cahuenga and Fountain, perfect to snag your tires as you go West on Fountain and make a right turn up Cahuenga. A treat on your way to the Hollywood Bowl.

LA Potholes
The streets of L.A. are a mess. In some heavily trafficked neighborhoods it seems as if you can’t go a block without hitting a pothole or a rough stretch of road. The right lanes on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile in both West and East directions, Third Street between Rossmore and La Brea, Sunset Boulevard between La Brea and Vine, Beverly between La Cienega and San Vicente, Olympic between Spaulding and Century Park East, Pico Boulevard from Century City to Sawtelle, just to name a few.

Time to fight back.

Let’s give City Hall a message: Fix our streets.

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  1. As a veterin driving instructor in Los Angeles, I
    have been thinking of starting a pot hole site and found out sombody was more fed up with the streets than I am. In thirty years of driving the streets of Los Angeles I have never seen the streets in such a shameful state. Our mayor should be fired, this is about politics and where they choose to cut and fund money. There are a ton of hard working tax payers that deserve streets that are safe and functional not destroying their cars tires and suspentions. When they are spending money on social programs that are serving people that are not contributing to the tax base and the tax base is getting the shaft it is time to give our elected officials a perminent vacation. Our streets are worse than some third world countries, anger is only part of the spectrum of emotions I am sure LA voters should

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