Pothole Incident on the 710

“My name is Sam Benedick.

On 2/8/17 at 12:10 pm I had a pothole incident.

I was going north on the 710.  In the second leftmost lane around a CORNER there was a gigantic pothole deeper than I’ve ever seen, I had no time to react safely so I went over it.  My tire pressure read low immediately and I heard rattling from the outside, knowing something was wrong.  A minute later I broke down on the right side of the 710 (safely, thank goodness) right before the exit To Willow St West.  I called AAA and they sent a tow truck out.

This was around the W Shoreline Dr entrance on the 710 North in the second leftmost lane, before the freeway becomes perfectly straight.”

Mr. Benedick’s right front tire was damaged; it needed to be replaced and then the car needed a front-end re-alignment. Total damages: $421.00.

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  1. What a coincident. On January 23,2017 i traveling east bound 47 to the 710 transition traveling northbound hitting a massive pothole which was exactly south of Anaheim St East off ramp. See, at that time during the night and through the early morning it had rain. going into the into the transition 710 you must be alert the truckers and merging onto the 710 transition. Due to the rain pot holes were filled with water did not notice it at all. I hit it so hard that the rearview mirror fell off the windshield surprisingly tires did not pop or deflate. 1995 BMW 325ic convertible This car I just recently bought it drove beautifully and handled well. right after the incident suspension is now shot. damage to front and rear suspension blew out the shocks, the struts, speed wobbles and pulls to the left. when I got to work, checked my front wheel that now has a dent but there tire is fine. couple of days later is when I came to realize and check the back wheel and damage to the rear wheel as well, but the tire is fine. Buy michelin tires. went to get estimate of repair the highest estimate was 3200.00 and the lowest was 2900.00. I filed the claim and it was denied . just got the letter of denial last week.
    To here why they denied the claim is unbelievable. Now i,m seeking council. I hope i didn’t bore you . file your claim get your money back and/or get your claim to make the repair.

  2. I hit the exact same pothole on Saturday. I was able to get off the freeway where someone helped me change my tire. He said this happens here all the time. My wheels and tires were ruined. It bent my sway bars and struts. Including alignment, it is costing me $2500. What can be done about this?

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