11 Ways L.A. Streets Can Frack Your Car Up Good and Proper

The September 10 issue of LA Weekly weighed in on Los Angele’s never-ending struggle with potholes and horrible streets. Here’s the opening of the their article, penned by Hillel Aron. You can read it in it’s entirety here.

Perhaps the nicest thing you can say about Los Angeles streets is that they may, in fact, not be the worst in the nation. However. Driving is such a fundamental part of most people’s lives, it’s easy to take every crack, pothole and bump as a personal affront, not to mention a financial burden.

According to the blog L.A. Potholes, a great chronicler of some of our city’s worst patches of road, Los Angeles drivers spend an average of $693 a year to repair vehicle damage caused by our messed-up roadways. Some drivers file claims against the city — but according to a 2013 report by KPCC, the city pays out on only 10 percent of claims.

What’s a driver to do? We’d recommend a few defensive driving tips: Avoid the far right lane, which gets torn up by buses. Slow down when the ground below you seems to crunch. And avoid these 11 hazards.

Thank you, LA Weekly.

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