LA Potholes Makes KNBC News

Thanks to Martin Wolfson, who reported here about a very nasty pothole at Sepulveda Blvd. Southbound between Howard Hughes and 77th Street, L.A. Potholes made the KNBC news tonight (July 12).

From Mr. Wolfson:

I reached out to Cary Berglund at NBC4, he did a spot about my pothole problem and showed your website in the feature.

In my case I found over 22 people had called the city to let them know about the pothole I hit and they did nothing.

I’ve filed a claim with the city, but the time frame for it to be considered is absurd. If I owed them for a parking ticket they’d want the money upfront.

I plan on going to the DPW building and not leaving until I get answers.

Do you have anymore constructive ideas on what I should do next, the way the city has handled this and all those other peoples problem’s is disgusting.

2 Replies to “LA Potholes Makes KNBC News”

  1. Despite evidence that the city was aware of the pothole I hit and took no action to fix it, my claim for repairs was denied by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and investigator Craig Bushey.

  2. I received a “rejection by operation of law” claim denial today from Mr. Trutanich and Investigator II Richard Wright for damages from a teeth-jarring pothole on La Brea. These rejections appear to be pro forma after 45 days and have to be pursued with a lawsuit within 6 months. Any ideas about how to proceed?

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