I Am Disabled and Hit a Pothole

Pothole: La Brea & Pico, Los Angeles, Calif. 90019

First I thought only the tire was blown, though it became apparent quickly that my headlights, rear lights, alignment were effected — it was a huge jar to hit —

Please say there’s some help — does the city help for real or is it just a waste of times?

Mirsha Lopez

Thank you for your help — I realize you get so many complaints. Thank you for your service to Los Angeles.

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  1. Hello Mirsha:

    Sorry about your pothole experience.

    As for getting help from the city, L.A. accepts claims — you can get a claim form at the following Web site:


    One of my other online readers filed a claim not too long ago but I have not heard any result yet — it generally takes several months.

    I’m sure that you’ll need your mechanic to back you up that the damages were caused by the pothole. You can also complain to your councilperson and the mayor — and, failing that, perhaps you could get Channel 2 or the Los Angeles Times to follow through — they both cover the city’s pothole problem.

    Good luck,


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