Pothole FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Potholes from theĀ  Bureau of Street Services.

A “Pothole” is a hole in the street with the bottom of the hole shaped like the bottom of a pot (rounded). When a vehicle drives over a pothole the driver may experience trouble with the steering and damage can occur to the vehicle’s tires and suspension. In order to lessen the impact on drivers from potholes, the Bureau will attempt to repair these small defects in the street within 24 hours to mitigate the damage they may cause.

Q. What is theĀ  goal for repair of “Potholes”?

A. The Bureau’s goal is to respond to requests to fix potholes within 24 hours of receipt of the request. The exception is during rainstorms and immediately after rainstorms, when requests can increase four and five times the normal number of requests. In these instances the Bureau can accumulate several weeks of backlogged requests. Reassignment of crews and overtime is used to eliminate the backlog as quickly as possible. (Delays are caused anytime water is present at the repair site.)

Q. What other types of roadway defects are commonly called in as requests to repair potholes?

A. Many requests to repair “potholes” are actually to repair sunken and raised trenches, eroded flowlines and alligator cracking.

For more information, go to the Bureau of Street Services.

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