Pot Shots Outline

It’s your turn. E-mail us with a picture of your favorite pothole or bad stretch of road, and we’ll post it to this Blog and forward it on to the powers that be. Use this handy Pot Shots outline for describing your pothole, and send it to PotShots@LAPotholes.com.

Approx. size:
Length of time it’s been there:

LAPotholes.com is not responsible for any injuries, damages or death … while shooting photographs. Please look both ways before taking photos.

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  1. I Eric Cooper was traveling March 14, 2023 on ocean, head to 710 inter-change northbound. When both of my driver side (Front and rear) tires where damage by potholes in the road. I wish to be pay for damages. call AAA. Waited for four hours before someone was able to tow my 2022 Toyota Tundra vehicle.

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